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Twin Cities Home Design Trends Shaping 2024

Leslie Dahlen

A long time ago, in a suburb close by, I got my real estate license. I knew I’d have fun learning about it...

A long time ago, in a suburb close by, I got my real estate license. I knew I’d have fun learning about it...

Dec 13 6 minutes read

As the new year unfolds, Twin Cities residents are embracing a wave of bold and exciting design trends that redefine our living spaces. The local aesthetic is evolving, integrating a blend of dramatic, eccentric individuality with a touch of artisanal craftsmanship and vintage flair. Let's take a scenic journey through the Twin Cities' hottest home design trends that will dominate in 2024.

Bold Choices with Big Personality in Saint Paul & Minneapolis

In the vibrant communities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, home design is making a statement in 2024. Gone are the days of playing it safe; now the market sees bold, vibrant colors and whimsical patterns creating spaces that resonate with joy and delight. 

“Dopamine Décor” has found a home among the lakes and bustling avenues of the Twin Cities, with residents using vivid shades like Minnehaha Mist blue and North Star turquoise to infuse a sense of energy. In Edina and Woodbury, home interiors balance these exuberant colors with inviting neutrals like Mississippi Mud to maintain a stylish yet calming atmosphere.

This trend extends to furniture and decor reflecting the Twin Cities’ love for nature and playfulness. In places like Plymouth and Maple Grove, you’ll find oversized planters, sculptural furniture pieces, and locally-sourced decor that add personality and elegance to any room.

Artisanal Art Warms Twin Cities Homes

With Minneapolis's thriving art scene and Saint Paul's historic charm, the Twin Cities' residents are gravitating towards meticulously handcrafted pieces. Local artisans from Northeast Minneapolis Arts District to Lowertown Saint Paul are gaining recognition for their woodwork, handblown glass, and ceramics, feeding the demand for unique, handmade decor that tells a story.

In suburbs like Minnetonka and Bloomington, homeowners are yearning for handcrafted items, reflecting a desire for authenticity and a connection to artisanal traditions unique to the Twin Cities region.

Vintage Influences Leave a Classic Imprint on Local Decor

In 2024, the Twin Cities embrace a stylish nod to the past. Vintage design elements are refreshed, blending seamlessly with our modern taste for comfort and functionality. From the historical enclaves of Stillwater to the updated brownstones in Cathedral Hill, retro hues and Victorian details add charm and connect us to bygone eras.

Whether through the addition of a crystal chandelier in a Kenwood parlor or retro appliances in a Linden Hills kitchen, local homeowners incorporate these details to balance ornate aesthetics with contemporary living, creating a uniquely timeless Minnesota charm.

Unique Tiles Captivate Twin Cities’ Interiors

From bathroom renovations in Lakeville to kitchen upgrades in Eagan, unique tiles are turning Twin Cities' homes into works of art. The cities’ renowned love for individuality shines through with dramatic patterns, large-scale tiles, and bold color palettes.

Sustainability is also key, with interest rising in environmentally responsible materials. Local designers are incorporating handmade mosaic tiles from regional artisans, and incorporating reclaimed materials in innovative ways, ensuring each home in the Twin Cities reflects a true Minnesotan’s love for our environment and community.

Smart Home Tech Advances Twin Cities Living

The Twin Cities’ reputation for innovation shines in the realm of smart home technology. Cutting-edge conveniences are being woven into the fabric of our homes, from voice-activated appliances in the Warehouse District lofts to AI-driven home systems in the suburbs of Savage and Chanhassen.

Integration of smart tech caters to the practical, with ergonomic home office solutions for remote workers in Roseville and soundproofing for creatives in Seward, emphasizing a blend of style and smart, functional design.

Nature-Inspired Designs Harmonize with Minnesota’s Beauty

Embracing the natural beauty of Minnesota, 2024’s interior design brings the outdoors in. Elements like living walls, sustainable materials, and embracing natural light resonate deeply in the Twin Cities. Homes in areas like Falcon Heights and Highland Park highlight a connection to nature, with window designs that frame views of the Mississippi River or local parklands, enhancing the serene sanctuary that a home should be.

Home design in 2024

2024 sees the Twin Cities' homes transformed by vibrant personal statements, local craftsmanship, vintage elegance, and smart, nature-focused designs. From the cosmopolitan heart of the Cities to the serene suburbs, these trends offer creative and innovative ways to make your home a reflection of all that makes this area unique. Embrace these trends to craft your living space into a story of Minnesota creativity, comfort, and individuality.

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