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A bigger home, but the same payment


A Bigger Home, but the Same Payment

Leslie Dahlen

A long time ago, in a suburb close by, I got my real estate license. I knew I’d have fun learning about it...

A long time ago, in a suburb close by, I got my real estate license. I knew I’d have fun learning about it...

Aug 30 4 minutes read

They weren't even planning to move

Ryan and Beth weren’t planning on moving. They had bought their home a few years ago at a great price. It had needed some work. They had made many improvements along the way. 

Their 4 children had been born while they were in this home. They had so many memories here. They loved the neighborhood! They had planned to stay for years to come. 

One day, they were taking a walk……

They saw a For Sale sign in front of a beautiful 2-story home a couple of blocks from their current home. It looked bigger and a better layout for them. The home was freshly painted and very inviting!

This home had 4 bedrooms on one level–a nice feature for them. It also had a walk-out basement, which would make an amazing playroom. The yard was as big as theirs. They could still walk to the familiar playgrounds and ice cream shop. 

We went to take a look at the house that day – “just in case”. The home was perfectly updated throughout. Everything felt like home to them. Even the framed prints on the walls had verses and sentiments that made it seem like their own home. They thought they would likely be friends with these sellers if they had met them yet.

Ryan & Beth called a mortgage person to find out the “what if” scenario. I gave them a report on what their home would sell for. They had equity. They could make a large down payment. It turned out that the new mortgage payment would be almost identical to their old one. 

They made an offer that day. The sellers had other showings lined up, but they accepted Ryan & Beth’s offer! We later found out the story from the sellers’ side. They just knew this family was the one meant to have the house. 

Ryan & Beth had not planned to move, but now they suddenly had to sell their house. I set them up with my home stager. She gave them a detailed plan of what to do. They called in friends and got to work! 

Within a few days, it looked like a model home, we took professional photos, and it was ready to hit the market. 

We knew it would sell, but it was so exciting to see multiple offers come in so quickly for more than they had hoped. They wound up setting a new standard for a sales price in that neighborhood.

Their family of 6 is enjoying their new place and their new quality of life. They are so glad they decided to consider the “what if” and find out what was possible. 

What Ryan had to say about the process after their move:

"We love Leslie! Honestly she was genuinely helpful - and constantly positive. I haven't bought a home in 10 years so some things have changed a bit. The process with her was very efficient. Everything was done electronically which I loved. One of the things that was most helpful to me was her patience and ability to explain things to me when I just didn't get it! It sounds funny but she helped make the process easy to understand which of course gave me confidence knowing I wasn't "missing" anything. She is a delight to work with and I highly recommend her for her knowledge, commitment, and positivity! You won't go wrong!"

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