Noel Schewe
Director of Marketing

Noel Schewe is our Director of Marketing at Realty Exchange.

She has an amazing way of seeing the vision for what can be. In regards to real estate, it’s an innate ability that she’s always had.

From the time she was very young, she could look at a piece of property and see what a better use for it could be. 

She’s always been an entrepreneur at heart and has had a hand in launching several successful businesses. 

One of my favorite adventures with Noel was shortly after Hurricane Katrina. At that time, Noel was the President and Founder of the Minneapolis Real Estate Investors Association (REIA). She would bring in expert speakers, coach strategies, and help people connect. 

After Hurricane Katrina, the US federal government designated New Orleans, Biloxi and other places along the Gulf Coast as “ground zero” areas. They offered grants to anyone who bought property there to help with the rebuilding effort.

Noel connected with a Realtor in Biloxi. They put together some ideas for investors, like pre-construction condos for vacation rentals.

Then Noel and I took groups of investors down to Biloxi for long weekends to tour the area and buy properties. It was a great opportunity and a lot of fun!

Noel is also a people person and a great networker. She has a gift for remembering details that people have shared with her about their lives.

Now, she’s in a unique position to help bring more value to our clients. She’s always thinking of ways that we can create a better experience or new connections for them. I’m thrilled to be working with her again!

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