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Becoming a Realtor was a dream come true for me. It’s something I always dreamed of doing. I have been a realtor for 7  years. I felt uneasy in every job before like I was supposed to do more. My previous jobs were the following.

I graduated from high school and went right to Cosmetology school for 10 months. My schedule was Monday-Friday 8-5 after 1500 hours of learning and passing the state and national exams. I worked in the industry for a couple of years and I never enjoyed going to work. Being on my feet all day and being a therapist was not for me. 

I then got a salaried job being a fundraising director for a local charity. Asking people for donations isn’t the most fun thing but I got to plan Celebrity Golf Events & Celebrity All Star Games. The skills I learned there were invaluable like knowing how to sell and handle rejection. But it isn’t an easy job to do and can lead to burn out. 

I was still young and I didn’t want to keep bouncing around from career to career. I knew I had a lot of skill sets from all the previous work I had done. I felt so much peace when I thought about real estate. I feel like a lot of Realors have a family member in the business or a friend and so you can really explore if it would be the right fit for you. I didn’t have any of that. 

My only experience with real estate was me buying my first home when I was 21. Then I sold and relocated and purchased a new home for my family. My agent in the process was ok. I just remember every home we went into thinking I would love to do this for people. What an amazing experience to be able to help someone purchase something where they reside? How crazy is that! You get to be a part of that. I want in. 

I have renovated my last 2 homes and I do have an eye for design. I love to make every where I live a home. Designing spaces was a second passion that I thought I could bring into real estate in the future. 

My family thought it would be a great job for me but didn’t think the timing was right with my husband being in school and having 3 little kids at the time. (I now have 4) I thrive off people thinking I can’t do something. It makes me work harder. 

I signed up for online classes and I worked hard to get my license even while still running the restaurant and having the children at home with me. It didn’t take me long to finish all the courses and pass my state & national tests. 

I did it. I’m a Realtor. 

Being a Realtor is a very personal job and I love hearing people's wants and needs for their living spaces. Buying and selling a home shouldn't be taken lightly. It’s the biggest purchase you'll ever make. I’m very patient in the process and will never rush anyone. Once you are excited about a home I get excited with you. I’m 100% committed to my clients. I work very hard from start to finish. I strive to be people’s forever realtor so even after your purchase I’m always available to you. 

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